Jewel Cases

Standard Jewel Case Slimline Cases Brilliant Box(2CDs) Multi Box(3-6 CDs)

Standard Jewel Case

The jewel case is a rigid clear plastic case used within the music industry for your "HMV" CDs. It is also used as standard packaging for CD-ROMs.


The case is made of 3 parts the front and back and a separate trays which fits inside the back cover, this holds the CD.

The jewel case is normally available as a clear back and front with a grey or black tray.

Colour tray options are:

A jewel case normally contains the following printed parts:

Slimline Cases

The slimline case is a rigid clear plastic case used as standard packaging for CD-ROMs and CD-Rs.

The case is made of 2 parts the front and the back carrying the spider to locate the holds the CD.



Brilliant Box (2 CDs)

The "Brilliant Box" is the same size as the standard jewel case but can hold 2 CDs on a tray that is hinged from the outer edge of the back of the case.


The standard tray is a dark gray version with a spider to hold the disc on both sides.

The printed paper parts which the brilliant box is designed to use are the same as the standard jewel case. i.e. a cover card or booklet and a back inlay. Again the back inlay can printed on both sides or just the one side.

Multi Box (3-6 CDs)

Packaging Method Description
Multibox - See Below A rigid plastic jewel case styled pack 24 mm thick with gray trays which can be used to hold from 3-6 CDs. The multibox is normally fitted with a front and back inlay and there is space inside for a booklet from 4 to 40 pages.
Multibox - can be configured for 3,4,5 or 6 CDs.